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PART III (1887-1898)

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1894. Aultman, Miller & Company (D-94-01)

WaUer^MaUo^"8 COrrespondence rela,in8 to rcPaymcnt of loans made to this company by Edison and 1894. Dick (A.B.) Company (D-94-02)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the mimeograph business of the A. B. Dtck Co Included are a letter pertaining to royalties paid to Robert Gilliland and a letter concerning Edison’s forCfoeI1yeaerri8l9-1894here a,S° annU81 nnancial report and a comparative statement of sales and profits

1894. Edison, TA. - General (D-94-03)

This folder contains documents, primarily correspondence, covering a wide variety of subjects. Some of the material relates to personal matters. Also included are documents that deal with more than one subject, such

as a letter about both the .

under the main subject cat

to Edison’s relationship to the National School of Electricity, his opfnions of the patent system, and his view!

ilVi,e atlVe T'tS baUeTP°WCred and sPring'm°tor phonographs. There are also documents Indn^w6 °peraV°?S several Edison companies, including the Bates Manufacturing Co., Edison Industrial Works, and Sims-Edison Electric Torpedo Co. Included is correspondence by and about long-time Edison associates J.C. Henderson, Louis Glass, Frank McLaughlin, Robert H. Thurston, and Frank W

Tills folder contains routine documents relatingto Edison’spersonal and business finances. Included are letters ofreceipt from the German National Bank crediting the accounts of Edison and the Edison Manufacturing

1894. Edison, T. A. - Articles (D-94-05)

SnSt;fnI1^rnT,7AaJrS^r?^ndenCe^-nt?°ther.d0CUmentS reTuesl‘ngEdison to write articles; correspondence relating to articles about Edison or his inventions; and letters from journalists seeking to interview Edison.

1894. Edison, TA. Autograph and Photograph Requests (D-94-06) [not filmed]

This folder contains routine correspondence requesting Edison’s autograph or asking for his photograph.

1894. Edison, TA. Clubs and Societies (D-94-07)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to Edison’s membership and activities in social ciubs and professional societies. Included are documents pertaining to the Ohio Society of New York and the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.

1894. Edison, TA. - Employment (D-94-08)

This folder contains correspondence from or about employees and former or prospective employees. Included rlmm handwritten notes regarding various employees, requests by former employees for letters of recommendation, and letters about other personnel matters. The responses by Edison on many of the documents indicate that little hiring took place due to the economic downturn beginning in 1893.

This folder contains correspondence and other documents by and about Edison’s family. Many of the documents relate to the health, properly, and finances of Edison’s father, Samuel. There arc also letters pertaining to his daughter Marion’s monthly allowance and to property in her name at Menlo Park.

1894. Edison, T.A. - Financial (D-94-10)

pis folder contains correspondence, financial reports, and other documents relating to Edison’s personal investments and other financial interests. Many of the documents are from the firm of Marquand, Skehan & Co. and pertain to the sale of Edison's General Electric Co. stocks and bonds. Also included is a letter regarding Edison’s life insurance policies.

1894. Edison, T.A. - Outgoing Correspondence (D-94-11) [not filmed]

This folder contains duplicate copies of correspondence found in the General Letterbook Scries and similar letters of a routine nature. Many of the items relate to routine phonograph or phonoplex matters.

1894. Edison, T.A. - Real Estate (D-94-12)

This folder contains correspondence relating to the purchase and sale of land and buildings, along with other documents pertaining to Edison’s real estate holdings. Included are offers to buy Edison’s property at Fort Myers, Fla. and to sell him land adjacent to his property at Edison (Ogden), NJ.

1894. Edison, T.A. - Unsolicited Correspondence - Advice (D-94-13)

pis folder contains routine correspondence suggesting improvements in Edison’s inventions, asking him for advice on technical matters, or requesting his assistance in improving or promoting an invention.

1894. Edison, T.A. - Unsolicited Correspondence - Business (D-94-14) [not filmed]

This folder contains routine correspondence rcquestingagencics for Edison’s inventions, inquiring about their purchase or cost, asking for other information about his inventions, or seeking to do business with Edison. Many of the letters pertain to the phonograph.

1894. Edison, T.A. - Unsolicited Correspondence - Deafness (D-94-15) [not filmed]

TOs folder contains requests for information about the technical and commercial development of a hearing aid by Edison. These inquiries were stimulated by Edison’s work on the improved phonograph, which drew attention to his own deafness. Such letters usually received a standard reply stating that Edison had discontinued his hearing aid experiments and that he expected to return to them in the future.

1894. Edison, T.A. - Unsolicited Correspondence - Personal (D-94-16) [not filmed]

This folder contains routine personal requests, fan mail, and other items for which no record of a significant response by Edison has been found. Included are letters asking Edison for educational advice, personal information, loans, charitable contributions, exhibits of his inventions, and other personal favors

1894. Edison, T.A. - Visitors (D-94-17)

This folder contains requests to visit Edison or to tour the West Orange laboratory or company shops. Included are letters of introduction on behalf of the Russian commissioner-general to the World’s Columbian Exposition at Chicago. Substantive letters from individuals who visited the laboratory or company shops on

business can be found in their appropriate subject folders.

1894. Edison Manufacturing Company (D-94-18)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the business of the Edison Manufacturing Co. Included are letters concerning a reduction in the royalty paid to Felix Lalande due to a folders ^ °f Edlson'Lalandc battery- Related documents can be found in the various "Motion Pictures"

1894. Electric Light - General (D-94-19)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to electric lighting and power. Included are PCr,al"‘"g ' tbc ‘"“ndesccnt lamp, Edison's allowance from the General Electric Co., and the annual convention of the National Electric Light Association. Related documents can be found in D-94-10 (Edison i .A. - rinancial). v *

1894. Electric Light - Edison Elec

lg Company of New York (D-94-20)

and other documents relating to the business of the Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of New York. Most of the documents are monthly financial reports showing comparative earnings expenses, and other statistics for the years 1893-1894. Also included are a letter from the General

1894. Electric Light - Foreign (D-94-21)

^,l0'^:i0n/ainf C?,rrCSp0ndCn“ rclat“g to ,hc clcctric H8ht bnSm2ss in foreign countries. Most of the

Metric UgMCo.Tr °f ‘he EdiS°n & SWa" Un“Cd E'eC,riC LigHt C°- Ud' a"d

1894. Electric Light - General Electric Company (D-94-22) [not filmed]

C.°n,ains c°rrfPondcnce and other documents relating to the business of the General Electric Co. Most of the items are daily reports to Edison of filament tests performed at the Lamp Works in Harrison, N.J. There are also letters of transmittal and acknowledgement and documents containing routine accounting

1894. Mining - General (D-94-23)

S,ters0ln^u,0FHklvrrC-P°ndCnCC a.”d °lhCr documon,s rela“'»8 "^ng “"d ore milling. Included are ”6 0Pcrat,0ns at °8dcn and "bout the use of his patent for electrolytic hv hC ^““'."fofjiluminum. There arc also items pertaining to a claim for compensation

condXn ' nndT CO |ohfn.B^kmb‘ncand “vera> 'c"ers from the firm of Pilling & Crane regarding market matters ihn? 1 h- d ?f !‘rb°r “nd matcr,als' A130 includcd arc " few unsolicited inquiries about mining matters that received a significant response from Edison. 8

1894. Mining - Mines and Ores (D-94-24)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to mines and ores to be bought sold

toTeisc or sell nro^rtv ,°f £?• 'tCmS dCa!,Wilh *hc mini"g in,CrCSls of ind!viduals or companies who wanted o,“ ““ m“' -1 -

, - . . uth America, the West Indies, Australia, Burma, Ceylon, and India. There is

Rn^ThTndln?J3Ilrla.,"in8 t0 thC Contlncnta! Commerce Co., a privately held affiliate of Maguire & Baucus that marketed the kmctoscopc in Europe. ®

1894. Motion Pictures - Raff & Gammon (D-94-29)

ro ai\S-^rT!ldC"Cu rela,ing 10 ,he busincss of Raff & a"d «« subsidiary, the

S f, n?h.,s ‘° T*6' EdiSOn’S kinc,osc°P“ dd films in the United States and

' " ar® l0!,afs Pertaining to the contract between Raff & Gammon and Edison and to the purchase of one hundred kinctoscopes originally contracted to George E. Gouraud.

3nd fr°m Edi“nsPatca‘ al,orncys and agents, along with other Ild r /l r ? or=,gfn Pa'cnt applications, patent litigation, and other patent matters. Included are letters pertaining o patents for the electric lamp, the mimeograph, the phonograph, and ore milling machinery. Most of the letters are from the law firm of Dyer & Sccty.

1894. Phonograph - General (D-94-31)

toLfnmcni T.l!!innhnCOrrCSP<!,ndiCn^Ci ^ °!hcr documcn,s re'aling to the technical and commercial devciopment of the phonograph. Included arc letters about Edison’s new-model phonograph, the dissolution

liha tele™ from r°8rap?' rh,b“T Co* and tho development of Emil Berliner’s gramophone. There is su c> a telegram from George E. Gouraud congratulating Edison on his victoiy in his phonograph infringement

with the Edison Phonograph Works for the purchase of five hundred new-model phonographs. Also included are a series of letters from G. N. Morison, the company’s sccretaiy in New York, to Moriarty in London, which provide detailed information about ongoing company activities; and several letters by Richard Wayne 1 arker, an attorney representing Edison in a dispute with the E.U.P.C.

Tins folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the business of the North American Phonograph Co., which went into receivership on August 21, 1894. Included are letters about the financial condition of the company; relations with the Edison United Phonograph Co.; and the payment of a monthly allowance to Lily R. Lippincott, widow of the company’s former president, Jesse Lippincott. Among the correspondents are Alfred O. Tate, vice president of the company, and J. Adrinnce Bush and Richard Wayne Parker, attorneys who were involved in the receivershipproceedings. Related documents can be found in D-94- 30 (Patents).

1894. Phonograph - North American Phonograph Company - Subsidiary Sales Companies (D-94-3(i)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the business affairs of various regional sales companies under contract with the North American Phonograph Co. Some of the letters pertain to ,h.c.Chica8° Central Phonograph Co., which held the phonograph sales rights for the World s Columbian Exposition. There arc also accounts and royalty statements for the New York Phonograph Co.

1894. Telegraph - General (D-94-37)

This folder contains correspondence relating to the technical and commercial development of the telegraph. Many of the letters arc by Josiah C. Reiff and pertain to Edison’s 1877 contract with Western Union and to the litigation between that company and the Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Co. over Edison's quadruplex patems. There are also letters from Jerome Carty, a patent attorney, about the automatic telegraph patents of Edison and Patrick Kenny and one item containing a comment by Edison about phonoplex telegraphy.

1894. Telegraph - Phonoplex (D-94-38) [not filmed]

This folder contains correspondence pertaining to the Edison Phonoplex System of Telegraphy. The daily operations of this company were conducted by W. S. Logue and received vciy little attention from Edison.

nd operation of phonoplcx circuits on various American and ic Railway, the Central Railroad of Georgia, and the Illinois

he technical and commercial development of the telephone, r telephone transmitter patents and a letter suggesting the

cuments relating to the operations of the West Orange

entsand tests conducted at the laboratory. There are also

amng of the boiler and the inspection of the buildings for fire hazards. At the end of : undated notes from John Randolph, with comments by Edison, concerning accounts

1894. Aultman, Miller & Company (D-94-01)

This folder contains correspondence relating to repayment of loans made to this company by Edison and Walter S. Mallory.

All the documents have been filmed except for 8 routine form letters regarding payment of notes.


Mm 6/t>j /.

July 31, 1894.

Mr T. A. Edison,

Orange, N. J,

Dear Brother 5-

I inclose herewith copy of letter I have just written to Walter who seems to be exceedingly anxious in regard, to money mat¬ ters. Now, of course, we want to do just all we can here to help affairs along, but at the same time just now, and possibly for tho first two or three weeks in August, collections will be pretty slow with us, and it will be somewhat difficult for us to get money out of our own accounts; but if it is absolutely nec033ary for you to have funds from us, there will be no difficulty in our going out and borrowing the money for you,, and we will do so just as fast as you definitely designate how much money you must have, on what dates, etc.

I want you to feel satisfied that 1 am doing all possible for you and at the same time help along our folks here. You need have no fears now but what all the money will be paid you that we still owe in the course of another month or six weeks, if you de¬ sire it. Trade has not been up. to the usual standard, yet we are finding financial matters considerably easier, and, therefore, we feel quite safe in saying to you that we are not uneasy at all in the direction of finance, only, of course, we want to be guarded and handle our resources to the best advantage possible, and, therefore, just as 'much as you can possibly help us in the way of making your cills on us, will be well appreciated by us.. We can-

T. A. E. -2- . .

not very well raise a]] the money we owe you in one lump, but by scattering it along the next four to six weeks we can, I think, pay you all up. Will that do?

ood spirits and ome out and and pos3ibity a


Mr W. S, Malloi’y,

Edison, N. J.


July; 31,, 1894.

Dear Sir:-

An owe ring your late letter and telegrams in regard to August funds, must say that after talking with Mr Wright again I oan.ohjly repeat about what I have written you heretofore, that wo are hardly. in a position to say that we are easy for funds. We find that oolleot tons are picking up some, but until Septombor or Ootobor wo cannot expect anything. very large. But now, if you

need fluids from us, ap I stated to you before, wernre going to tr; to take care of you as fast as you necessarily need It} ' but wo .that you oall on us Just as lightly as possible, and givo us. a few fays': np.ti^e before you need the money so that -wo can provide for . same. But understand, Walter, the only way wo get

thib 'Honey now is to go out and borrow it, for just now our col¬ lections are not largo enough to keep us running and still pay heavily on these, bills payable, so please appreciate our situatior We want to do Just what is fair and right and pay you Just as pranptly as' you must have the moneyj but on the other hand, we want you to go Juet as onsy with us as you can, so we can ayeid the necessity of going out and borrowing.

Now, as I understand it, Mr Wright has prepared to send you $ 5000.00 Thursday or Friday of this week n


W. S. M. f -2-

ing this, however, without any dofinite authority, for we are not just positive where we can got the money, but think it more than likely we can raise this amount if you must have it..

Ana no v/ as for the date of other payments, we want to leave that somewhat with you. You just say when you must have $ 5000.00 or § 10000.00 and then we will try to arrange our program here so as to get tho funds for you} but if we can avoid it, of course we don't want to go out and borrow money, unless it is com- P^aory upon us to do so to keep your wants out there supplied*

1 am suro there is no danger now but what we can pay you off all right within the next month or six weeks according as you must have the money.

Hoping that I may find it possible to visit New. York say along the 10th of August when I will be glad to meet you, I am

Thos, A. Edison, Esq.,

Orange, N. .T.

Dear Sir;-

Inclosed find draft on New York for $4073.09 being the balance due you as per statement rendered. Y/e have not ad¬ ded interest from Sep't 20th, on this for the reason that this item being wholly interest money, we suppose you would not expect it to be compounded. However, if this is not entirely satisfactory, please advise us.

We shall be glad to receive at your convenience the notes warehouse receipt, and other documents that ’were deposited with you as evidence of our obligation, and as security on same, in order that we may cancel our entries and close up the transaction.

Kindly accept our thanks for this accommodation, and for


consideration you have

shown regarding it Yours truly.

s payment,..

Thos A. Edison, Esq.,

Orange, N. J.

Dear Siri-

As per your roqusst of recent data, wi balance your account, amounting to $14.89

Ttusting this will be satisfactory, I

herewith enclose you check t

Yours truly.

1894. Dick (A.B.) Company (D-94-02)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the mimeograph business of the A. B. Dick Co. Included are a letter pertaining to royalties paid to Robert Gilliland and a letter concerning Edison’s stock in the company. There is also an annual financial report and a comparative statement of sales and profits for the yearn 1889-1894.

All the documents have been filmed.



Adrian. Mich., January 26th, 1894.

Jar. Thomas A. Edison Esq.,

Orange, N.J.

Dear Sir:-

Please send me check for my share ( three tenths) of mimeo¬ graph royalty to be paid January 15th and oblige,

In presenting the attached statement of the business for the year ending April 30th, 1894, I beg the priv¬ ilege of referring to the well known stringency of trade generally, in accounting for the shrinkage in our net sales for the year of $9,533.78, as compared with the showing for the previous year; and to call your especial attention to the increased cost of conduct¬ ing the business during the past year owing to the extraordinary efforts and extensive and creditable exhibit made by us at the Columbian Exposition, which amounted in round numbers to a little over $12,000.00; while our patent litigation expenses amounted to $8,966.75 during the year just closed against §5,872.97 for the preoeeding period, or an increase of $3,093.78. Other expenses for the year were increased considerably also, in the attempt to foroe sales, all of which has tended to reduce the annual net

profit below that shown April 30th, 1393. _ _

It will be well to notice that the GROSS profits of the year just ended exceeded by over §4,200.00 the gross profits of the pre¬ vious year, and stripped of the extraordinary expenses, above re¬ ferred to, the showing of net profits in the present statement would compare favorably with the previous showing. The new Type¬ writer put on the market three months ago is proving to be a sat¬ isfactory selling article, and through it we expect to increase the volume of business very noticably the ooming year. Our lead¬ ing Mimeograph patent in the litigation of which large sums have been spent, was sustained in July 1893 and since then restraining injunctions have been granted against three infringers, and a fourth we have licensed on a profit paying basis.

Thus it will be seen that the business is in a thriving con¬ dition with very favorable prospects ahead.

Although the net earnings for the year amounted to only §46,906.90 the directors have voted to declare a dividend of 10^ on both Pref^uM^^nd Common shares payable June l3t.

Respectfully submitted,

A. B. Dick, President.


Statement of1 the business of the A. B. Dick Company for the year ending April 30th, 1894.

Sales of Mdse, for the year,

Less Mdse, returned Less Allowances in settlements. Less Cash' discount on Mdse, sold Net amount Mdse, sold


$ 1,971.45


670.92 3,072.40


Cost of Mdse, sold and on hand including Labor and Material,

Less Inventory of stock on hand, Actual SHOP cost of Mdse, sold Add Royalties paid on same,

Total cost of Mdse, sold,

Less Cash discount on material purchased,

Net cost of Mdse, sold, 0R0SS PROFIT for the year









Salary account,

Expense account proper,

Advertising account.

New York Expense account , Philadelphia Expense account, Collection " *

Interest <5: Exchange "

Commission "

Total General Expense, ACTUAL PROFIT on Mdse. sold

25,746.70 - 16,125.51 16,804 .85 12,121.29 - 8,581.65 131.98 1,037.97 2,423.64-




Patent Litigation Expense ,

Accounts changed to Profit and Loss for the year,

Add Royalties received from Licencees Total NET GAIN for the year Undivided profits in Surplus account •Total undivided profits April 30th, 1894.









Statement of Assets and Liabilities of A. B. Dick Company, April 30th, 1894.


Cash on hand for current uses $ 7,951.21 Cash loaned on demand to factory ,

Dividend Fund Reserved,

Accounts and Bills Receivable,

Mdse. on hand as per Inventory,

Office fixtures at Chicago,

New York and Philadelphia,

Gilliland Electric Co. Stock,

Pomeroy Duplicator Co. Stock,

Patent and Contract Account,

Total Assets.


37,975.00 § 81,107.59/ 45,139.92- 38,270.54







Unmatured Bills ,

Capital Stock,

Undivided Profits in Surplus Account ,

Undivided Profits earned in year ending April 30th, 1894, Total Liabilities





§684,246 .92


Comparative Statement of Sales for the years ending April 30th 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893 and 1894.

Total net Total net Total net Total net Total net Total net

sales for year sales for year sales for year sales for year sales for year sales for year

ending April 30th, ending April 30th, ending April 30th, ending April 30th, ending April 30th, ending April 30th,

1889, $ 79,422.28

1890, 113,103.45

1891, 152,817.91

1892, 210,922.30

1893, 217,545.90

1894, 208,012.12

Comparative Statement of Met Profits for the years ending April 30th, 1889, 1890, 1891^ 1892, 1893 and 1894.

Total net Total net Total net Total net Total net Total net

profit for profit for profit for profit for profit for profit for

year ending year ending year ending year ending year ending year ending

April 30th, April 30th, April 30th, April 30th, April 30th, April 30th,

1889, $ 11,608.12

1890, 23,239.85

1891, 30,215.01

1892, 57,049.72

1893, 66,151.07

1894, 46,906.90

Mr. Tli os. A. Edison,

ke St.,



Orange, N.J.

Dear Sir:— Enclosed please find Certificates for sixty six shares each of Conrnon and Preferred Stock- in the A. B. Dick Corap any- in exchange for your Certificate 7^4 of the old issue as fol¬ lows:—

#6 for 66 shares Preferred,

#19 for 66 shares Common

. Pleas? sign and date the receipts attached to certificates and return to us so that we can place them in the stock book. We also en-. close our check on the Chatham Nat»l.Bank of New York City in the sum of $1320. in full payment for dividend due on these certificates de¬ clared at the last, annual meeting.

Yours truly,

s? '


1894. Edison, T.A. - General (D-94-03)

This folder contains documents, primarily correspondence, covering a wide variety of subjects. Some of the material relates to personal matters. Also included are documents that deal with more than one subject, such as a letter about both the electric light and the phonograph. Documents concerning subjects that do not fall under the main subject categories are also filed in this folder. Among the items for 1894 are letters pertaining to Edison’s relationship to the National School of Electricity, his opinions of the patent system, and his views about the relative merits of batteiy-powered and spring-motor phonographs. There are also documents regarding the operations of several Edison companies, including the Bates Manufacturing Co., Edison Industrial Works, and Sims-Edison Electric Torpedo Co. Included is correspondence by and about long-time Edison associates J.C. Henderson, Louis Glass, Frank McLaughlin, Robert H. Thurston, and Frank W. Toppan.

All the documents have been filmed.

^ -a. «'*^riu i

cf, t ;f _ cJL<~^~-< £U**»t~* ~ “- I

'<2^</«l. PctLi<^ ^ ,

, w <?. -o^ii

/)" S'ir

6sh.oC. e-CLM. e>4* S>M-rw- AT f*1^-

6c+uLsZ+£- /C^<.j elvx*. <A /G*~ j

&t*.a*A. -£iscyiy

J-A^ flecSCitsSz-Lct^AJe An- /£-*-< Ccri^i^J^y 1

<uu.(^u^ o4 £r fcZ-

. 7*~r /***' **- |

yut<^^ ^ ^t- , I

/- ^ - a^' *>*•*• /=^*-i- ! S'# a( «v-«-*i_ «t-w f |

fa***. ~/(\. aj cAi^t^y >-*L. en*~x t***r«*^xA j

fvr >t^ e^~£=, *-?

, *U. <2^<<^x'«.c^ govi.

t/VOyjL. V<n.dL*-'*-(_aA- ma^ a^j-tsi.c',^ *_ •'0- ^ t^eM^i cr^Ayy &c^U~ tyCM*- cy^i-t^y A. Cyi^i^C. &<nUi CZ~ TtCc^. Av«-^-c-v<-^-.

# aj£3.5*o, crrro ^ /-^» oU+nyy-

’flu- fcVd-o ty/L*t^TZ^ &siy- fltjratu.

^2=2*^. 2.4*/*? sy,

psiA.otZooJhj Usn^'fxttuy 1 -£y. C-t^A. Ut^j ttc,^

Umsv^oLo tu-iw Cy^t-L !/'*<-*-(

4q (<r(jLs &n*CT *»»* TKZi ^“w C-v-t*/%stZi o£- £^c

^Ln-<_ CyAstZ-i^yj -fiym*. 4x*yA^ dT tym^y^

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7 ^(Aj-t-ofPiZy tff—

C rdtU4.^..i

The Associated Literary Press, /lecture's Magazine.

S. S. flcCIure, Limited,

5. S. McCLURE, Present JOHN S. PHILLIPS, Treasurer. ROBERT ncCLURE, Ass't Trou.

743-745 Broadway, NEW YORK CITY

CABLE ADDRESS, "Alddecamp, New York."


Robert IlcCIure, nnnager, 33 BEDFORD ST., COVENT <J,

New York Jan. 13, 1894.

J) fiuvt. t f/

> R. H. Thurston dooires mo to sond you with hia

compliments a copy of tho January numbor of Mo Clure ' a Magazine, whi oh containa a contribution from his pen apropos of tho New Year I shall be very glad to intereat you in our periodical It io n part of our undertaking to publish not only good current litoraturo but interesting scientific articles.

Very truly yours.


- ft i$/f///.j //*///

A/,,s,//,/,„, *

rry*f»j/j //„■ „j/ tv


z/j* /A fw// . tA AA* w'r/'Z,


3ln JlTttntovjjr

^.ntltoiiij 3- Srcxcl

Joumtco of flit institute IN THE AUDITORIUM



A97/-<^ /,-A U^~p'

'A?~~~UV/^ aA<"“

/h£ ~ ^

A (Ar7r<Z%. ^

y" r^v ~X^ 3'/ra^ 7t *u/t «-


tiA^/is ~7o &A,t,un- iSA ^ '~‘-a£a -t^,

'' AZr^A /t^A~ t&zy?’ -

X*A*£? /yzy* y£r aC. 0-ttvt+S' 4^- A cAtai^L^-

JL 9 -- 9A .

CaAetcAzA,^ P TAA/T* Occ^^aA A,


cz7 sAuA- dP^_ '’"*

A ,U*te£ueC

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C?w>s^r <yi*. <^g&JU. 1 t9

^ /tz^itsAjL y.r

AAc7 'fr?z0./zt<i4_

*~^- /&£*£. Ttzgu*., ^3*^, |

/ur / f A. «£ 1*£^, ^

^-c^S<r A- Ot<-er~i.

'^C &o>^_ Air /’'A™

/fiA^ C^L*S<s V^A?




' TTY & "" " ; ~ T





Office and Factor/,

350 Dearborn Street.

Thomas A.


March 24.

z .

.S3 94.

Orange, N. J. Dear Sir:


We are the publishers of a new work entitled "Amer¬ ican Celebrities? a sample copy of which we send you herewith. We desire to use your portrait in thi3 connection and would be. greatly obliged if you would favor us with your photograph by return mail.

We have one on hand obtained from a New York photographer, which is not by OUtg means a good one, and we don't want to use anything that would not be satisfactory to you.

Our work will comprise portraits and biographies of 256 American citizens, both men and women, who have distinguished them¬ selves in some particular line, and in whom for that reason,, the public have a special interest.

Thanking you in advance, we are.


.&£■ i

Thcmaa A. Ediaon, Eaq.

Orange, N. J.

Wilmington., Del. , 30th March, 1394.

L 'stein.

Dear air; -

youi; fftVor of 23rd inat r crave your further

IraWsiB- «£■.

I only troubled you because McCain told me that this shaman* er waa invented, by Thomas A. Edison who has applies for patent an s


*• » «■ -* .

Yours very truly

Could not find Ferrla In M. Y. Directory.

0/msJ. A 1/

j'ljiOiA'*. ouL &>■

/f (SoaA

* huv yarfu

is)jLcjJ 'iuiii, J

$ Mjj /o d 'cJLii rltrtiLcLjjgs ajlc£jl^L


- OWOLCktyb

3/°^4Atk coviJ t Mi firVfuu.


In accordance with the request as contained in y oxr let¬

ter of the 14th inst. we hand you herewith enclosed a statement of our Accounts Receivable, dated March 31st, 1894. The dates to the left of each item are the dates of sales and the memorandum following; the amount, shove the present condition up to and includ¬ ing to-day's remittances received. The word" Collection" rofors to accounts now in the hands of our attorney for collection. We also enclose a statement of our Accounts Payable dated March 31,

The lease of Ihis office expires May 1, 1895; our stock of Automatic Hand Numb er ing Machines consisted of two hundred and eight (208 } machines this morning.

There has boon a dropping off of orders during the last three weeks and according to our reports from various parts of the coun-

May 19, 1894.

Mr. Thos. A. Edison,

Orange, N. J.

My Dear Mr. Edison, I am glad to say that the detail drawings of the Edison Freight Brake car apparatus are in the hands of the pattern maker and with six moving parts will give all the "automatic11 results etc. that are obtained with the Westinghouse apparatus whose moving parts are counted by dozens. In regard to the financial end the situation also looks well as a nephew of Mr. E. 0. Benedict, the Standard Oil and Gas magnate has tried his hard in the matter and seems to have interested Mr. Decker of the firm Decker, Howell & Oo., and Mr. Herrick of the Edison General Elec¬ tric Co. I think that the latter will write you about the matter if he has not already done so. Am going south far- a few days on a business matter which cannot be